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Shutterstock Netherlands, B.V.

  • 639709540 – Vector hand drawn illustration of sewing machine needles types in vintage engraved style. isolated on white background  – Von Babich Alexander
  • 147651662 – Tailoring Process – Women’s hands behind her sewing – Von Ursa Major

Depositphotos EU Limited

  • Engineer in the factory @ boggy22
  • Water tap with hot water steam @ nikkytok
  • Shower head in bathroom with water drops flowing @ Sutichak Girl
  • washing her hands @ kues
  • Barbecue festival @ urban_light
  • Delightful BBQ Spareribs from the Smoker and beer @ dar19.30
  • Woman washing the dishes in the kitchen @ puhhha
  • Electric water heater or boiler inside the house @ Ai825
  • Pandora store @ boggy22
  • Pandora Bracelet jewelry, retro style @ arcadi1962
  • Shower @ volokhatiuk
  • Barbecue smoker kettke @ stefanocarocci
  • Sewing machine @ ksena32
  • Sewing machine isolated on a white background @ Sergiy1975
  • Young woman, fashion designer drawing sketch for new model. Selectiv focus. Focus on foreground. Close-up focus on a sewing machine. @ MilanMarkovic
  • Women using sewing machine @ OlgaZakrevskaya
  • A close-up of the seamstress sitting and sewing face mask at home @ HectorPertuz
  • Two cooked filets of salmon in an air fryer with a spatula on a dark, grunge background. Healthy salmon meal. Air fried salmon filet @ MichelleMinnaar
  • Flour coated raw chicken in an air fryer. Chicken meat in an air fryer on a grey background. @ MichelleMinnaar
  • Fried french fries @ studioM
  • Salesman is showing couple of clients new generator in power tools store. @
  • Couple doing exercises with rowing machine @ ufabizphoto
  • Burnt Potato Wedges @ duplass
  • Roasted chicken leg @ Nitrub
  • French fries on tracing paper on board on wooden table @ belchonock
  • Caucasian woman with gasoline powered generator outdoors @ apid
  • Crimea blackout. A failure of electrical power supply to annexed peninsula. @ dpandr
  • Laptop computer on fire, represents computer damage, loss of data @ fergregory
  • Portable electric generator. @ ildicanon
  • Element of ignition of the gas water heater, boile @ KKulikov
  • Sewing machine @ ksena32
  • Sewing machine isolated on a white background @ Sergiy1975
  • Young woman, fashion designer drawing sketch for new model. Selectiv focus. Focus on foreground. Close-up focus on a sewing machine. @ MilanMarkovic
  • Group of happy friends eating and toasting at garden barbecue – Concept of happiness with young people at home enjoying food together @ ViewApart
  • Questionable meat @ franckito
  • Homemade Smoked Barbecue Beef Brisket @ bhofack2
  • Pandora bracelet charms travel. Selective focus. @
  • Old mask, clown @ arcadi1962
  • Pandora Bracelet jewelry, vintage p@ arcadi1962
  • Person Adjusting Temperature @ AndreyPopov
  • Grill restaurant kitchen chef meat ribs bbq smoker@ golubovy
  • Black metal Locomotive grill with a smoker on green grass background@
  • Diesel generator@ shime02
  • Beautiful young girlfriend laughing while working on her laptop@ DragosCondreaW
  • Gym Class Working Out On Rowing Machines@ monkeybusiness
  • Strong legs of exercising couple@ gpointstudio
  • Young girl on rowing machine with futuristic interface@ Wavebreakmedia
  • The young woman is running on her treadmill in home@ Olegkalina
  • Cropped image of sportsman doing exercise on rowing machine in sports center@ VitalikRadko
  • Cropped view of man workout on treadmill in living room @ IgorVetushko
  • Obese girl running on treadmill in gym @ AllaSerebrina
  • Woman running in rainy weather. @ halfpoint
  • Dethatcher Work Lawn Care @ welcomia
  • Scarifying lawn with a scarifier. Person dethatching moss in a backyard, lawn maintenance, UK @ paulmaguire
  • Planting new grass seed to bare spot on yard @ tab62
  • Frozen green grass. Winter time. @ Maximkostenko
  • Young man mowing the grass @ StockWithMe
  • Mattress Topper Being Laid On Top Of The Bed @ AndreyPopov
  • Memory foam mattress @ Baloncici
  • Hand Testing Orthopedic Memory Foam Core Mattress @ AndreyPopov
  • Mattress Cleaning Professional Service By Female Cleaner Using Vacuum Cleaner @ AndreyPopov
  • Hand stamp on memory foam mattress @ lindo12345
  • White air cloud on a comfortable mattress texture background and blue background top view. White texture of mattress bedding background. Healthy sleep concept, comfortable bed, weightlessness. @ Arkhipenko21
  • Detail bedrooms, boxspring bed mattresses @ NikD51
  • Woman suffering back pain sitting in bed, uncomfortable mattress, nerve problems @ motortion
  • Dirty used mattresses piled at recycling site. @ ErrantPixels
  • Hard bed, soft bed and body @ alphabetMN
  • Woman stretching on bed @ dashek
  • Woman on vibrating plates @ Kzenon
  • Vibration plate thigh toner @ bennymarty
  • Closeup on sports woman training using vibration power plate @ CITAlliance
  • Old and young people on vibrating plates in gym @ Kzenon
  • Selective focus of handyman in helmet and yellow gloves using hammer drill @ HayDmitriy
  • Multiple SDS drills. Close Up. Background. Selective focus. Abstract background with a tool. @ dipnik
  • Working power hammer drill. Anchoring of steel construction into building masonry. Hand holding cordless drilling machine. Fixing and mounting of guard rail on terrace or balcony. Falling dust detail. @ KPixMining
  • Loaf baked in bread machine @ belchonock
  • Notebook and ingredients for bread @ belchonock
  • Home made bread making @ steveheap
  • Aerobics elliptical walker trainer personal trainer @ lunamarina
  • Woman doing weight loss exercises @ pressmaster
  • Beautiful girl in sports club @ Dmyrto_Z
  • People training in gym @ nd3000
  • Table Saw Cutting Laminate @ lisafx
  • Caucasian man working on laptop at home @ IgorVetushko
  • Internet banner concept @ bloomua
  • Estonia, Tallinn Skyline @ sepavone
  • Funny students in library @ baranq
  • A group video conference of a young superior @ VadymPastukh
  • Data concept: Golden Opened Padlock on digital background @ maxkabakov
  • Woman Training On Elliptical Trainer At Home @ AndreyPopov
  • Carpenter cutting board with table saw @ Kzenon
  • Table Saw Blade Background @ vlue
  • Carpenter working on an @ Kzenon
  • Family on bicycles on the grass field @
  • Cropped view of male mechanic repairing bike using special instrument @ anatoliy_gleb
  • Portrait Of Children Helping Parents To Look After Vegetables On Allotment @ monkeybusiness
  • Mother Playing With Children On Outdoor Trampoline In Garden @ monkeybusiness
  • Apple garden nature background sunny autumn day. Gardening and harvesting. Fall apple crops organic natural fruits. Apple tree with ripe fruits on branches. Apple harvest concept @ stetsik
  • Hands holding overloaded suitcase @ TarasMalyarevich
  • KIEL, GERMANY – Oct 09, 2020: Aldi market (north division). Aldi is a leading global discount supermarket @ Wirestock
  • Handsome young repairman leaning at coffee machine and smiling at camera
    @ IgorVetushko
  • Man using air fryer and laptop in kitchen
    @ twinsterphoto
  • Young sportive woman working out on elliptical machine at gym
    @ AllaSerebrina
  • Man starting generator and man
    @ photography33
  • Young woman doing exercise on a elliptical trainer
    @ Kurganov
  • Cat sitting on robotic vacuum cleaner. White vacuum cleaner is working on the floor with calm pet sleeping on it. Clean floor
    @ Sharomka
  • Wrapping eco Christmas packages
    @ asife
  • Male athlete training in the gym on a water rowing machine, active and sporty lifestyle concept
    @ raulmellado
  • Running sport woman
    @ Maridav
  • Woman playing with Dog Pug Breed and Air purifier in cozy white bed room for filter and cleaning removing dust PM2.5 HEPA in home,for fresh air and healthy life,Air Pollution Concept
    @ 220Selfmadestudio